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Party Rings

Claire’s party rings have been sold worldwide and continue to be a hit wherever they show up.  They are made from mostly found sources and plastic.  You can shop for them on our Etsy account!

  • Ringe aus Streifen
  • Monsters
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  • gold3
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New Photos of “Five Corners” rings and the “Monsters!”

Latest News

Claire is an official goldsmith!

Etsy store is OPEN!  Please visit us!

Feb 12 2011


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(Honors Award!)

Franzi, Esra, Me, René, Nicolaj, Frau Jahns-Düttenhofer

Feb 11 2011

Gesellenstücke (Final Project)

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Dearest Blogware,

I believe it time to enter the scary realm of handeling my own website. This is not to say that my dear sister and master of all things computer/online I do not understand will cease to help me but… I’m going to try. Goldsmithing, on the other hand, is going swimmingly! I thought I might show the brooches I made for my final project. We had approximately 80 hours (ok… 76.6 this year) to make our final project. The process began with submitting two portfolios of two different projects (in my case, the two brooches I made or a necklace that will probably be made in the near future) of which one was selected by our teachers and school director. After that, we purchased/collected all our needed materials and set up time plans (for the record… the time plan is always off), and then it was time to get cracking! Through plenty of kaffee and brötchen (coffee and little open-faced roll sandwiches) prepared by our sweet neighboring class in the semester under us, our entire class finished with a flourish! In fact, our entire semester graduated – not one student will have to repeat! I am so very stolz of everybody!

Just as claire-ification, the materials for my brooches are as follows…

RED: Ag 925 (Silver), Resin, Pigment
BLUE: Ag 925 (Silver), Stainless Steel, Resin, Pigment

Jan 12 2011

First Post

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Hi World.

Isabelle, here.  I’m Claire’s sister and the somewhat creator of this here blog.  Just wanted to let you know that as Claire gets closer to graduation and has more time to dedicate to this website venture, she will be more present on the blog.  For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

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